Intel executive shake-up coming, with three big-name departures

Chipzilla's head-hunters hunt heads for IoT, mobile

Intel's lost more Cs from its C-suite, with reports emerging that two senior executives have left and another is on the way out the door.

On the weekend, Bloomberg reported the imminent departure of mobile chip business chief Aicha Evans, and now, two more executives, Kirk Skaugen and Doug Davis, are on the way out.

Evans' departure might be down to Intel's ongoing troubles getting anyone interested in its mobile silicon efforts. Years of effort have failed to make much impression in the mobile market; as Bloomberg notes, the company ended 2015 with a one per cent share of that market.

Skaugen and Davis are another matter.

Skaugen is in charge of Intel's biggest operation, chips for PCs, which has had a string of declining quarters as consumers quit replacing their PCs on schedule. Only the data centre business remained bright for Chipzilla's core business.

Skaugen's deputy, Navin Shenoy, has been handed the poison chalice promoted into that role.

Announcing its Q4 results in January, Intel called out the Internet of Things as one of its (few) growth sectors – the division that Davis leads.

While it only represents US$2 billion worth of income now, Chipzilla (along with World+Dog) is convinced it's the bright star the silicon business needs to follow.

Davis will be retiring at the end of the year, the company told Bloomberg, remaining in his seat to help the transition to his replacement. ®

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