Anons 'hack, leak Russian Facebook' boss's personal email

VK chief pwned, allegedly

Hacktivists have leaked what could be the email inbox of Boris Dobrodeev – the boss of Russian social network VK, previously known as VKontakte.

The personal account dumped online contains letters from 2014 discussing budget negotiations for VK – the Russian language equivalent of Facebook – as well as the proposed agenda for business meetings around the same time.

Up for discussion, it appears, was VK's business relationship with messaging app Telegram, which was set up by VK cofounder Pavel Durov, arrangements with offshore companies, and VK shareholding-companies Blesmir Developments and Palagon – plus other matters, such as commissions for advertising affiliates.

Durov left VK two years ago amid some controversy, and claims he was put under pressure to hand over personal details of members of a VK group dedicated to the Euromaidan protest movement in Ukraine. At the time, Durov claimed his website's management had been taken over by pro-Putin stooges.

The authenticity of the documents leaked by Anonymous is uncertain. A Russian language story on the purported leaks can be found here (Google translation here). ®

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