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ICSA Labs wants IoT industry to seek security certification

But will anyone care?

The venerable ICSA Laboratories – these days a subsidiary of Verizon – has added Internet of Things certification to its cyber security certification.

Whether it's got any chance of success is anybody's guess. While the world is trying to catch up with the idea that a security camera might need to be configured with something other than admin/admin as its password, new products arriving in the Internet of Things space include connected toothbrushes and Bluetooth tampons.

Or this: at Auscert 2016 today, audiences were told most of the consumer-grade routers tested had USB ports that gave the world open FTP access to the data on drives connected to them.

Some kind of improvement is therefore welcome.

ICSA Labs' announcement is here, and a white paper describing the program is here.

The organisation says its IoT security testing targets organisations that will brand and resell devices and sensors; those implementing devices and sensors in their businesses; and manufacturers “interested in delivering secure products to their customers”.

ICSA Labs' testing covers alert/logging, authentication, communications, crypto, physical security, and platform security.

ICSA's certification will be competing with the April launch of a similar program by Underwriters' Laboratories, its Cybersecurity Assurance Program. ®

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