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Kim Dotcom pregnant with Bitcoin's mutant offspring

He's having another go at a legit cloud content locker

Kim Dotcom running a breeding program to birth anything is not a happy thought, but the legally-contentious New Zealand resident has been doing just that in an attempt to create yet another online content locker.

Dotcom has taken to his preferred medium, Twitter, to outline his plans as follows.

He's also promised that the re-launched Mega will scale to 100 million accounts on day one and that former users' accounts will be re-instated. The latter promise sounds like Dotcom is asking for trouble, as he has a long history of legal entanglements over the activities of the first Mega which seemingly encouraged users to post copyrighted content. The United States Government has long sought Dotcom's extradition to try him and former colleagues over the company's operations.

Dotcom later launched a new version of the service, but now claims co-investors sidelined him from its operations. He later claimed to be working on an open source third version of the service.

Whether this Bitcoin-based effort is Mega 3.0 or something new is unclear. As is how a new version of Mega could distinguish itself, given that in the years since Dotcom's first efforts both cloud storage and streamed content have both become ubiquitous and keenly priced. Dotcom's mention of Bitcoin hints at some kind of paid content distribution plan. Whether Big Content has any interest in digital currency, or doing business with Dotcom, remains to be seen. The Register imagines that Dotcom's prospects are dim, with exhibit A for our argument being the fact that another technology tainted by association with piracy – BitTorrent – has hardly set the web on fire with its “Bundles” content distribution plans. ®

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