YouTube breaks Sony Bravias

Sony has announced the “Termination of YouTube service on 2012 BRAVIA TVs.”

As Sony's notice explains, “It has been confirmed that the 'New YouTube on TV' app on 2012 Sony BRAVIA TVs will experience symptoms of 'Black Screen and Freezing', or an 'Error Message will be displayed and the video will stop playing'.

“The symptoms being experienced are not a failure of the TV, but are as a result of specification changes made by YouTube that exceed the capability of the TV’s hardware.”

“As a result, Sony have decided to remove the YouTube icon for the 2012 Bravia TVs on 30th September 2016.” The app powering the service will also die.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause,” Sony says. Which will come as very little comfort to those who bought their Bravias to watch YouTube. And surely serve as a cautionary tale for Smart TV buyers everywhere who now have a very good reason to inquire about what's under the hood and whether it can sustain changes by big online services. ®

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