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Reg inquiry sees CSIRO clarify supercomputer tender

Windows Server compatibility requirement removal means x86-to-Power port is possible

Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has clarified its requirements for a new supercomputer, after an inquiry from The Register pointed out an inconsistency in its tender.

As we reported yesterday, CSIRO's tender called for Windows compatibility and either Intel x86 or IBM Power CPUs. As the latter won't run Windows, we concluded that perhaps CSIRO mentioned Power as a nod to competition rather than out of sincere interest in Big Blue's silicon but asked CSIRO to explain the seeming anomaly.

CSIRO's procurement officer has responded to let us know that “Addendum No. 1 has been published on the AusTender site to answer your query” and to “Thank you for your advice that clarification may be required.”

The thanks come because the Addendum explains that “If an IBM Power system is offered then Windows compatibility is not required.”

IBM's therefore back in play with both its silicon and its services to port x86 code to Power systems running Linux. And Intel has a customer to defend down under.

Sorry, Chipzilla: It was El Reg wot done it. ®

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