HSBC Business internet banking goes TITSUP*

Company says, er, just go by our Twitter comments

Mondays are a terrible way to start the week, but spare a thought for HSBC customers whose online business banking is not quite so online.

This morning's IT difficulties at HSBC's online business banking portal make HSBC's ambition of allowing customers to open new accounts with selfies seem that much more ambitious.

What has caused the issue is unclear, thanks to HSBC's lacklustre communications strategy, which has so far extended to putting out the individual fires of customers tweeting at them with replies, plus a brief single tweet acknowledging the incident – which appeared just a few minutes before we published.

When contacted by The Register this morning, an HSBC spokesperson told us they were unable to offer any more information about the outage, and suggested we quote their response given on Twitter.

HSBC was unable to inform us of whether the issues have anything to do with the 800 tech jobs the bank shed last year. We'll update if we hear anything. ®

*Total Inability To Support Usual Payments and other stuff... OK, not the usual standard of acronym brilliance here at The Reg, but it is a Monday morning. The other contender was Phinance. Yup. It's that kind of morning.

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