JSON shouldn’t be a trial ... if you plot the right course at the outset

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Webcast When you’re dealing with large amounts of, shall we say, semi-structured data, a JSON database can be a life saver. And, in theory at least, it’s all something you can manage yourself, whether on-prem or in the cloud.

But your data will inevitably expand in both volume and variety, so you will want to scale up, and that means life is going to get tricky. It’s not just a question of performance, it’s a question of durability and reliability, as well as patching, upgrades, licensing, and so much more.

Just to complicate things further, you may find your compute and storage needs scale up at different rates, making handling this all on-premises a particular challenge.

Which is why you need to join us on August 25 at 4pm BST (8am PT, 11am ET) for this upcoming webcast Managing JSON workloads at scale without heavy lifting.

Tim Phillips, who has more than a passing familiarity with heavy workloads, will be joined by AWS’s Barry Morris. Together, they’ll talk you through why it may be – and probably is – time for you to migrate away from self-managed document databases.

Barry will be able to give chapter and verse on document databases in general and Amazon DocumentDB in particular, including how it replicates your data across three zones for 99.99 per cent availability, and uses familiar MongoDB semantics.

They will also take you through exactly what you need to do to plan an efficient migration, whatever your final destination.

To access all this, you just need to drop a few bits of data into the registration page here. We’ll update your calendar and remind you on the day, leaving you clear to steer your precious data into a much less turbulent future.

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