MCubed does web workshops: Join Mark Whitehorn’s one-day introduction to machine learning next month

Tired of reading about AI? Why not give it a go yourself!

Event You want to know more about the ins and outs of machine learning, but can’t figure out where to start? Our AI practitioners' conference MCubed and The Register regular Mark Whitehorn have got you covered.

Join us on December 9 for an interactive online workshop to learn all about ML types and algorithms, and find out about strengths and weaknesses of different approaches by using them yourself.

This limited one-day online workshop is geared towards anyone who wants to gain an understanding of machine learning – no matter your background. Mark will start with the basics, asking and answering what is machine learning, before diving deeper into the different types of systems you keep hearing about.

Once you’re familiar with supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning, things will get hands-on with practical exercises using common algorithms such as clustering and, of course, neural networks.

In the process, you’ll also investigate the pros and cons of different approaches, which should help you in assessing what could work for a specific task and what isn’t an option, and learn how the things you’ve just tried relate to what Big Biz are using. However, it’s not all code and algorithms in the world of ML, which is why Mark will also give you a taster of what else there is to think about when realizing machine learning projects, such as data sourcing, model training, and evaluation.

Since Python has turned into the language of choice for many ML practitioners, exercises and experiments will be performed in Python mostly, so installing it along with an IDE will help you make the most of the workshop if you haven’t already.

Illustration of people working on build a giant head representing an AI system

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This doesn’t mean the course is for Pythonistas only, however. If you’re not familiar with the language, exercises will be transformed into demonstrations providing you insight into the inner workings of the associated code, before we start altering some of the parameters together. Like that, you get to find out how each parameter influences the learning that is performed, leaving you in top shape to continue in whatever language (or no-code ML system) you feel comfortable with.

Your trainer, Professor Mark Whitehorn, works as a consultant for national and international organisations, such as the Bank of England, Standard Life, and Sainsbury’s, designing analytical systems and data science solutions. He is also the Emeritus Professor of Analytics at the University of Dundee where he teaches a master's course in data science and conducts research into the development of analytical systems and proteomics. You can get a taster of his brilliant teaching skills here.

If this sounds interesting to you, head over to the MCubed website to secure your spot now. Tickets are very limited to make sure we can answer all your questions and everyone is getting proper support throughout the day – so don’t wait for too long. ®

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