The future is unwritten, but here’s how you can start preparing for it right now

Shivvy Jervis kicks off Lenovo’s futurist keynote series this month

Sponsored Post Can you see into the future? Of course not. But some people do have an uncanny ability to spot the forces that are shaping the future, giving us all a tantalizing glimpse of what it might bring. By paying attention to them, you can better prepare your organization, your team and yourself for whatever the future does deliver.

Which is why you should sign up for Smarter Technology for the Next Reality, a futurist keynote series brought to you by Lenovo, Nutanix, and Intel® partnership.

The series will put you face to face with renowned speakers, who can illuminate the societal and technological trends in process today that are shaping all our tomorrows.

Shivvy Jervis, the founder of the FutureScape 248 Lab, will be kicking off the series on May 17 at 1300 BST (1400 CET). Shivvy advocates for human-led innovation, with a particular focus on the intersection of digital advances, scientific developments, and psychology.

Shivvy has reaped multiple awards for her work, and has helped hundreds of organizations, including the US, the UK government, Salesforce and Lenovo.

While none of us can ever be truly future-proof, Shivvy believes that we are moving from Industry 4.0 to what she describes as Humanity 5.0 and “preparing now for what’s next, means we can be future ready”.

Whether you’re a technical leader, CIO, engineer, or a non-technical business leader who still needs to understand technology and its effects, you’ll come away from all of these sessions with a firmer grasp of the skills and technology you and your team need to thrive in the next reality.

Registering for this series will not just give you access to the keynotes themselves. You’ll also gain access to a raft of other material, from analyst reports, white papers, infographics and customer stories that will help put the future in context, brought to you by Lenovo, Nutanix and Intel®.

So why not register today and start getting your organization ready for tomorrow. For more information visit our website:

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