The rainbow bridge between two cloud worlds

The path to hybrid cloud and a single management framework

Webinar In Norse mythology, a rainbow bridge linked Asgard to Earth, a single highway that offered the Gods swift passage between worlds. And if you think about it, that sort of link is just what's needed for the management of infrastructure at scale.

Moving workloads to the cloud shouldn't mean that the cloud provider's own management framework is the only option. Nor should running applications in your own datacenter preclude you from access to the sophisticated automation tools built by the superscalars for off prem customers.

Fortunately, there is a way to span the on and off prem worlds with a single management and automation framework which doesn't lose any of the depth, breadth and complexity of services on AWS or restrict the services that can be offered on prem. This particular rainbow bridge is Red Hat's Ansible Automation Platform running on Amazon Web Services.

Join your host, Timothy Prickett Morgan of The Next Platform, in discussion with Hicham Mourad, Ansible Automation Platform Product and Technical Marketing Manager at Red Hat, and Nicholas Lowman, Senior Partner Solutions Architect for Red Hat software at Amazon Web Services on 6th June 5pm BST/9am PDT/12pm EDT to hear more.

Together they'll discuss the features and benefits of Ansible on AWS and demonstrate how automation reduces the time and complexity of infrastructure and application deployment to deliver more programmatic consistency. Hicham and Nicholas will go on to offer tips on how to cut costs and address skills gaps in setting up infrastructure and manage your AWS environment in a smooth and unified fashion.

Register for our 'Hybrid Cloud Necessitates A Single Automation Management Framework' webinar here and we'll send you a reminder to listen in when the time comes.

Sponsored by AWS and Red Hat.

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