Love-rat fanboi left bobbing for Apples in tiny Japanese bath

WARNING: Contains strong imagery of drowned iThings from the outset

A Japanese love-rat's misdeeds have left him, and his iGizmos, in hot water.

His scorned lover seems to have taken issue with his flirting with another woman and suffered a bit of a kernel panic, attacking her fanboi where it would hurt most – his beloved collection of overpriced blahware – before compounding his humiliation by sending him the pictures.

His response was to tweet the damage. The machines are clearly visible in her photographs drowned in a dinky Japanese bath.

Many twitter users applauded the destruction of the love-rat's gear, although, as one user pointed out, she may not have destroyed all of his gadgets, as he continued to tweet from an iPhone.

And indeed the tweets keep coming from his account.

Surveying the damage, The Register can see a soaking iMac, iPhone, iPad and what might be a NES. Do feel free to visit the comments section and let us know what you can identify. ®

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