Kaminario flashes service guarantees

Kaminario service guarantees have six appeal

Kaminario, the all flash storage array vendor, has come up with six individual guarantees - assurances - that build on its original 2013 Perfomance Consistency Guarantee programme.

Basically, Kaminario says you're safer buying K2 arrays in performance and maintenance cost terms than other arrays. These kinds of flash array operational safeguards, like Pure's EverGreen ideas, are great for customers, assuring them that they won't experience drop-offs from fresh-out-of-the-box performance, or unexpected and unwanted SW and maintenance price hikes as their systems age.

Kaminario's K-Assured program has these elements;

  1. Assured Capacity - if a customer does not get the guaranteed effective capacity, Kaminario will provide additional storage hardware at no cost.
  2. Assured Performance - if performance does not meet defined thresholds, Kaminario will provide additional compute hardware at no cost.
  3. Assured Availability - customers will get 99.999 per cent uptime from their K2 arrays and Kaminario will provide additional support at no additional cost if this doesn't happen.
  4. Assured Scale - all-inclusive software pricing model; customers will receive software and firmware upgrades at no extra cost for the life of the system.
  5. Assured Maintenance - maintenance pricing is a fixed percentage of acquisition price for the life of the system.
  6. Assured Solid-state Drive (SSD) - extends SSD wear coverage for the life of the system, regardless of manufacturer’s warranty.


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