Japanese cops arrest serial 'foot licker'

Nippon continues to dominate world's weirdness charts

A man from Kyoto in Japan has been arrested for nibbling a young woman's foot.

Since 2012, Kyoto has been plagued by the perpetrator of a series of criminal acts of podophilia whom cops had dubbed "the foot licker".

Back in July, Akira Nishiyama, 56, allegedly lured a woman in her twenties into the driver's seat of his car to help him check the vehicle's brakes, according to The Japan Times.

When she sat down, however, Nishiyama sprung at her right ankle, grabbing it and removing her sandal before commencing to lick the sole of her bare foot, according to a police spokesman.

Nishiyama reportedly nibbled his victim's heel with his teeth and thanked the woman before letting her go after half an hour of the bizarre sexual assault.

The woman recorded the ordeal with her smartphone, and memorised Nishiyama's licence plate. Despite the activities taking place in July, the manic masticator was only arrested Monday on charges of sexual assault. ®

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