Hi! I’m Foxy! It looks like you want to run Flash. Do you need help?

Firefox 55 to get all up in your face if a web page needs Adobe's hell-spawn

Developers of the Mozilla's Firefox Web Browser have indicated that version 55, due in August 2017, will be openly hostile to Adobe's Flash plugin.

“As part of the ongoing NPAPI plug-in deprecation in Firefox, Flash content is now defaulted to click-to-activate in Firefox Nightly,” the developers write, adding that . “The current plan is to roll out this change gradually to the Beta and Release channel user base of Firefox 55. Web publishers must have a clear plan to move away from any Flash dependency to offer the best possible user experience.”

The browser will also allow Flash content to load only if it is served over HTTP or HTTPS. FTP or file uploads won't be allowed.

Google's Chrome browser already asks users if they really want to run Flash content, so Firefox will be catching up with that and other plans to make life hell for the often-patched, never-satisfactorily-secured vector graphics plugin. So does Microsoft's Edge browser.

Some web developers, however, still rely on Adobe's hell-spawn. Courier outfit FedEx recently offered users a US$5.00 credit if they'd install the dreaded plugin.

A list of other planned features for Firefox 55 can be found here. ®

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