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Commvault gets up its customers B&RaaS with in-cloud backup service

Signs up NetApp as a reseller

Commvault started its GO user conference in Nashville, TN, by telling attendees it had signed up NetApp as a reseller, made its main backup and recovery product available as a service, introduced bigger and smaller backup appliances, and said it has a complete new system management product coming, with AI helping it continuously improve.

The NetApp reselling deal means Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery Software (CBaRS) is available for purchase directly from NetApp and NetApp channel partners.

The Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery Software (CBaRS) was a product created in July, integrating many previously separate Commvault product offerings. Three other new product integrations created at the same time were scale-out HyperScale technology available as software or an appliance for protecting data, Orchestrate automated service delivery technology, and Activate to detect and take action on data risks.

NetApp says its aligning CBaRS with its Data Fabric to simplify snapshot management and backup and recovery, and extend data protection to the cloud.

Last week Commvault and HPE announced a StoreOnce (dedupe to disk backup appliance) integration deal with Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery Software being used as a front end to HPE’s StoreOnce products, including Catalyst and Cloud Bank, to provide backup, recovery and archiving.

Backup service in the cloud

This CBaRS product is also available as a service (B&RaaS), with a trio of offerings;

  • Commvault Complete B&RaaS,
  • Commvault Complete B&RaaS for Virtual Machines (VMs),
  • Commvault Complete B&RaaS for Native Cloud Applications.

B&RaaS can be used to backup data for virtual machines (VMs) and applications on either AWS or Azure, as well as native cloud applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce. The native cloud offering includes long-term retention, compliance and archiving.

These three services are deployed and managed by Commvault on a world-spanning cloud data centre architecture, a back-end infrastructure for data protection and management, automatically configured and grown, on-demand.

There are consumption-based and cloud-like pricing models; customers can pay as they go or sign up for fixed-term subscriptions.

Expanded appliance range

Attendees were told about an extended HyperScale appliance range, with the HS3300 hyperscale appliance for MSPs and large enterprises and a Remote Office Appliance, a turnkey backup and recovery for remote and branch offices. They join the existing HS1300 mid-range scale-out appliance, originally launched a year ago.


Commvault HS3300

The one rack unit (RU) HS3300 has a 96TB or 144TB raw capacity; it's 6TB - 60TB for the HS1300, which is also 1RU in size. The HS1300 and HS3300 both have 150GB of M.2 flash, but the HS1300's 96GB of DDR4 memory is exceeded by the HS3300's 256GB.

The HS300, like the HS1300, has a minimum 3-node configuration, while the HS1100 starts at one node.

Commvault tells us the usable capacity range for the HS3300 is 174TB to 262TB, The smaller HS1100's usable capacity range is 4.5TB to 14.5TB. It doesn't say what the number is for the HS1300. We've asked Commvault for more details.

For B&RaaS customers needing fast local recoveries, Hyperscale hardware can be used, deployed on customer premises.

Cataloguing data

The Activate product is a (file) data catalog, a descriptive list of the data a customer has stored across their enterprise, meaning location, type and profile, built up from Commvault’s backup and archive software or from other data sources.

A  Sensitive Data Governance app can detect personal and other sensitive information within unstructured data, analyze risks and present dashboards to support risk assessment and planning. Commvault says it will proactively remediate data privacy risks before they become a problem or respond to data subject requests with review and approval workflows.

It can identify pockets of sensitive data that might require protective actions. Data that could be more cost-effectively stored on cheaper, slower media can be identified, as can highly-active data that could be given faster access. E-discovery searching is facilitated as is GDPR compliance.

New system manager

Commvault unveiled a Commvault Command Center management product for all of its software. It applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to analyze and automate tasks required to manage data operations.

It says it combines an HTML-5 interface with continuous improvement from AI and ML, analytics and visualisation, role-based operational control and security, interactive and proactive dashboards and orchestration.

It claimed it would simplify the enterprise recovery of applications and data by automating the orchestration of the entire recovery process. This C3 product will provide proactive alerting with interface abilities via voice, text, email and through human interface devices like Amazon Alexa.


Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery as-a-Service will be live and available for subscription on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, the AWS Marketplace and the Commvault Marketplace by December 2018. The new services will also be available for purchase through Commvault’s Partner Network with additional options for support, plans and customization.

Commvault Activate and the Sensitive Data Governance application will be generally available in December 2018. Commvault said it planned to roll out additional applications associated with Commvault Activate in the coming quarters, with a coming focus on data storage optimization and eDiscovery.

The C3 software will be provided to existing and new customers at no additional charge, with delivery starting in December with Service Pack 14. ®

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