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Microsoft reveals what a growth mindset does to the letter ‘A’

Azure icon gets the Fluid Design treatment

Logowatch Microsoft has given Azure’s logo a tweak for the second time in four years.

“Our ability to meet your business and innovation needs is in part due to our growth mindset—which extends from front-end user experiences to small details like graphics and icons,” wrote senior product marketing manager Erin Zefkeles late last week.

Hence the new Azure icon below, which Zefkeles said is “carefully crafted to … look familiar to what customers know and love, while representing the agile future of our business” in accordance with Microsoft’s Fluid Design philosophy.

Azure icon 2021

The new Azure icon. Click to enlarge

Microsoft’s spared us the design thinking behind the new logo. But four years ago, it was more forthcoming, explaining that the look below took the cloud out of Azure and made its icon more closely resemble those used on the Office suite.

New microsoft azure logo

The old new Azure icon, from 2017. Click to enlarge

In 2017 Microsoft also gave Azure a new tagline: “Azure. Cloud for all.”

This year’s new icon post ends with “Azure. Invent with purpose.”

Good to see Microsoft innovating where it matters. ®

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